Browse 2 Earn

By actively using a device, such as a mobile phone, laptop, or ipad which has generated a AI-smart-cookie will collect Browsing Points

Program Mechanics

  • Earning Browsing Points (BP): Users earn Browsing Points (abbreviated as BP) based on their interaction and engagement time on participating websites.

  • Conversion to BCA Tokens: Accumulated BPs can be converted to BCA tokens, with payouts occurring daily, 24 hours after the end of each epoch.

Earning Structure

  • Earning Ratio: For every minute of active browsing, users receive 1 Browsing Cycle Point (BCP).

  • Purpose: The Browse2Earn Program aims to boost user engagement on the network, leading to increased ad revenue and enhanced value for the BCA ecosystem.

Epoch Rewards

  • Total Allocation: A total of 50,000,000 BCA will be distributed over 365 days.

  • Epoch Details:

    EpochStart DateEnd DateDaily Reward


    [Start Date]

    [30 days later]

    [Daily Allocation for first 30 days] BCA


    [Day 31]

    [365 days later]

    [Reduced Daily Allocation for rest of the year] BCA

Post-Epoch Process

  • Reward Calculation: At the end of each epoch, Browsing Points are converted to BCA tokens.

  • Claim Process: Users can claim their BCA tokens approximately 24 hours after each epoch's conclusion.

  • Commencement of Next Epoch: The subsequent epoch starts immediately after the previous one ends.

Participation and Earning Examples

Q1: How do I participate in Browse2Earn and earn Browsing Points?

  • Simply generate your web3-smart cookie. Points accrue automatically based on active browsing time.

Q2: I spent 200 minutes browsing this week. How many Browsing Points do I get?

  • With 1 BP earned per minute, a 200-minute browsing session yields 200 BPs.

Q3: How are my BCA rewards calculated from my Browsing Points?

  • It depends on:

    • Your total Browsing Points.

    • The collective Browsing Points of all participants.

    • Allocated BCA rewards for the epoch.

Example: If the total Browsing Points accumulated by all users is 2 million and the daily reward allocation is 100,000 BCA, your share for 200 BCPs would be calculated proportionally.

Q4️: How do I convert my Browsing Points to BCA tokens?

  • Conversion is triggered on proof of personhood. You need to inscript your Web3 ID or hold $10 worth of BCA tokens to proof you are not a bot.

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